Important advice for selling on Snupps
If it’s not yours to sell, don’t list it.
All products sold must be from your own collection.
Make it stand out.
Include all necessary details for the buyer to know the important aspects of the product. Try and be as clear as possible so you leave no room for confusion.
Create a great first impression.
Having a full profile will increase your trustability on the platform. Help the buyer feel at ease by populating your shelves, building your follower base and staying active.
Get your stuff seen.
Make your item searchable by having a concise and relevant title that details the exact size, make and model.
Pictures are important.
Take quality pictures from different angles and make sure to only post your own pictures of the product, avoid using stock images or images from other sellers.
Select the best offer.
The highest offer doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. Choose your buyer based on the offering amount along with your gut feeling about the buyer.
Respect the buyer.
In order to increase the chances of the purchase going through, try responding quickly to potential buyers to keep them interested.
It’s okay to change your mind.
If you are no longer interested in selling the item or the item is no longer available then please make sure you unlist it or switch off ‘accepting offers’.
Decide on a payment and postage scheme that works for you both.
Although we suggest using PayPal to complete the sale, and an authenticated tracking service to ship the item, the final decision is up to you and the buyer to decide.
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