Important advice for buying on Snupps
If an offer seems too good to be true, it most likely is.
If you feel like this is the case, don’t engage in the transaction and contact .
Make appropriate offers for the seller to consider.
Get an idea of the value of an item before making an offer and resist lowball offers.
Create a great first impression.
Having a full profile will increase your trustability on the platform. Help the seller feel at ease by populating your shelves, building your follower base and staying active.
Feel free to negotiate.
The seller can set a minimum offer they would be willing to accept, however feel free to still make an offer you deem fair, and enjoy negotiating the final price.
Respect the seller’s decision.
If a seller chooses not to progress with the sale, respect their decision. Any negative comments will be reported and appropriate actions will be taken.
It’s okay to change your mind.
If you do decide you’re not interested anymore make sure to communicate that to the seller and withdraw your offer to prevent wasting time.
Decide on a payment and postage scheme that works for you both.
Although we suggest using PayPal to complete your purchase, and an authenticated tracking service to receive your item, the final decision is up to you and the seller to decide.
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