By Sophie WilliamsDecember 3, 2014
What is Topical Explore?

The new app 2.2

Our most exciting app update yet was launched today, following the release of the latest version of the website a few days ago.

This new 2.2 release contains, as well as bug fixes and a general improved experience, an exciting new feature that will change the way you use Snupps:

Topical Explore.

Whether you’re a seasoned or a rookie Snupper, read on to find out what this new feature can do for you.

Version 2.2: A Snupps Odyssey

We’re always working to make it easier to add items, share them, and find the communities most relevant to your interests on Snupps.

The Explore tab has always been the home of the best shelves on Snupps, and these include the most popular shelves like fashionista Sivo who has almost 2000 people following her Chanel bag shelf, and the most creative collections like sneakerhead ALineofCocjin who has over 150 pairs of his Sneakers on Snupps!

What’s new, pussycat?

In previous versions, all of the best shelves appeared together on Explore regardless of theme: sneakers appeared alongside vinyls, handbags alongside wine. Though this is testament to the diversity of ways users enjoy Snupps, we knew there would be a way to make the experience of finding and following new pages even easier for you.

So we’ve replaced the old Explore with Topical Explore; ‘topical’ referring to the ‘topics’ or ‘categories’ into which we have put our favorite pages on Snupps. Topical Explore makes it easier for you to discover your passions on Snupps.

Interested in fashion? Choose ‘Fashion (Women’s)’ or ‘Fashion (Men’s)’ - or both! - and browse the best shelves based on these topics. Then follow your favourites and find the community you belong to on Snupps. Not interested in one of the categories? Scroll past it and find one you prefer - there’s something for everyone!

We are adding new shelves to Explore every day, so you will always have easy access to the best Snupps has to offer. Simply go there now and find your inspiration.

And another thing…

This isn’t all. In this update we have also streamlined the process for adding new items:

• You can now quickly add several items in one go. Just take several photos at once, or select multiple images from the Camera Roll; each image will then become a separate item

• You can also add several additional images at once (either from the camera or Camera Roll) when editing an item

• It is no longer required to put a title on an item, or put an item on a shelf, before going on to create the next item

We hope you enjoy this new Snupps. Stay tuned for some more exciting updates in the new year!

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