By Sophie WilliamsOctober 26, 2015
New Feature Release - Introducing Interests

Explore Interest

You may have noticed that the Explore page has changed. That’s because we just updated the app to include a major new feature called Interests!

This release changes the way you interact with Snupps, and other Snupps users.

Starting with this release, we are giving control (and responsibility!) over showcased content to you, the user of Snupps, in the form of Interests. Interests are based on our previous Explore topics, but now they belong to you. If you have a shelf or Moment that is interesting to members of one of your Interests, you CAN and SHOULD add it to that Interest.

We’ve got Interest groups for: Men’s Style, Women’s Style, Hats, Women’s Shoes, Sneakers, Nails, Beauty, Bags, Watches, Jewelry, Memorabilia, Collectibles, Games, Food, Art, Crafts, Books, Home Decor, Comics and Toys.

This blog post will walk you through the new feature.

Before, Explore was populated with top shelves in different categories. With Interests, you will see trending, recent and popular items, shelves, and profiles as voted for by people like you. Every time you wow, follow or comment on content, you determine how that content will rank within the interest group. You can customize your experience so you’ll only see the Interests you’re passionate about!

Join an Interest to track recent and trending items within your group. Share Moments and items to an Interest in order to get feedback from like minded people. Remember, you must select the Interest group for any shelf (edit shelf) or Moment you want to add to the group.

This is what to look for when when checking out your updated version of Snupps:

Step 1
Once you’ve updated your version of Snupps, go to the Explore tab. You will see which Interests you are part of as well as those you are yet to join. Select an Interest and choose Join Interest to become a member of a community at any time.

Step 1

Step 2
Take a look through the Trending, Recent and Discover tabs to see what’s hot or new in your Interests group. Browse the most popular items as voted by other members of the group. Follow people, watch shelves and give your feedback on items.

Step 2

Step 3
You can add your shelf or Moment to an Interest that you’ve joined during its creation or by simply editing previously created shelves or Moments. When taking a photo there will now be an Interests group option; select it to add your shelf or Moment to an Interest you’ve joined, much like how you add an item to a shelf.

Step 3

Step 4
Your shelf (and the items within it) or Moment will be added to the Recent page of the Interests group. More people will see your stuff than ever before, and group members can wow and comment on your items - they may even get it onto the Trending and Discover page!

Step 4

Another thing. See something you really like, or just want to communicate with someone privately? You can now direct message anyone on Snupps. Just go to their profile and click the speech bubble on the top right corner to start a conversation or go to messages on the new activity tab.

Finally, we have aggregated all the ‘Wows’ you have ever made on Snupps. If you want to keep track of what you have liked on Snupps you can now see them all from your Profile.

With Interests and with our new direct messaging feature, exploring collections and getting feedback on your stuff has never been easier.

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