By Sophie WilliamsDecember 22, 2014
5 Snupps-hacks to Improve Your Christmas

Merry Sneakermas

It’s the holidays, and many of us are celebrating Christmas. Even those with the greatest amount of festive spirit can’t deny that Christmas can be a stressful time of year, so we at Snupps have come up with a few ways in which our app can help you through this time of year.

1 - Organize your Christmas decorations

You’re very unlikely to remember what decorations you have, even if you bring out the same ornaments, tinsel and angels every year. You forget what you own, and think you own things you don’t. That Santa figurine you’re desperately looking for? It actually broke and you threw it out five years ago. You need to buy a new one! Sorting through Christmas decorations is enough to make almost anyone a mess.

Get organized like Sivo, who has posted her amazing decorations to Snupps. She can make a note of where she’s stored items (attic or garage?) and preserve her Christmassy memories forever - even if one of the decorations ends up breaking.

2 - Make a wishlist… of sorts

Let’s say you collect something: sneakers, nail polishes, figurines. Everyone knows you collect them so everyone wants to buy you one of them for Christmas. How can they avoid buying you one you’ve already got without asking you and ruining the surprise entirely?

Well, if you post your collections to Snupps and set these shelves to ‘public’, everyone can see what you already have and work out what they can get you! Kind of like a wishlist in reverse. People will be able to see you’re missing a fuchsia lipstick from your MAC collection or the seventh dwarf from your Snow White figurine collection, and they’ll get you just what you need.

3 - Get Inspired

During the holidays, use Snupps as you do other times of year - as a source of inspiration and recommendations. Explore other people’s Christmas decorations, recipes and December style, and if they’ve posted the place that they bought their stuff from in the item title or description, you know where to get everything for yourself (or for other people - this is Christmas, after all)!

4 - Keep track of your Christmas shopping

Christmas is a notoriously expensive time and it’s easy to give up counting and just spend, spend, spend. But with Snupps, you can both make a record of what you’ve bought and how much you’ve spent thanks to our handy shelf value feature. Enter the cost of each item in the item details (this will always remain private, even on a public shelf) and the app works out the total for you. No need for Excel spreadsheets!

5 - Share your gifts

It’s always tempting to share photos of your presents with your friends, whether the gifts were good, bad, or ugly. So show off the good stuff and have a laugh at the bad/ugly stuff with Snupps. Post the gifts you receive to a Christmas presents shelf on Snupps, give them your (honest) star ratings and commentary, and use the sharing features to post to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The world deserves to see your new reindeer socks.

We’re sure that Snuppers have come up with many other inventive ways to use the app this Christmas, as they have at other times of year. Whether it’s because of crafters posting their Christmas designs or sneakerheads posting their festive-themed kicks, Snupps is in the holiday spirit.

The Snupps team wishes you a happy holidays and a merry Christmas!

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