By Arthur HolcombeMay 1, 2014
Your privacy and security on Snupps

Keep your shelf to private

One of the great things about Snupps is that you can pick privacy options that suit you.

For each shelf you can decide if you want it to be public (can be seen by everyone on Snupps) or private (for your eyes only). If you want to take that extra step to complete privacy, you can go to your account settings and turn social features off, disabling all public activity and making your profile non-searchable by others.

You can create public shelves, which allows you to share the stuff you love with your friends, colleagues, family, social network, broker and fellow collectors. However, just because you’ve decided to want to share your stuff, it doesn’t mean you have to be limited in the details you provide. For every item you add, there’s an ‘item details’ section where you can enter item detail such as model number, prices, warranty # etc. These details are always private.

Make your shelf to public

Some of us may want to share the details of their stuff with certain people. We’ve made it so you can easily go to one of your public shelves and share a link to it by email with someone.

You can even have private images of an item in a public shelf. The first image of the item in a public shelf must be public, but you can add up to 11 more images, that can be set to either private or public. So you may have a picture of your watch that everyone can see on your public shelf, but your pictures of your receipt and warranty is comeletely private.

On the other hand, some people want to have only private shelves and have no interest in sharing their stuff with others. You can still check out others stuff and engage with them, (by keeping their social features settings turned on), but only have private shelves yourself.

We designed Snupps with security and privacy in mind. It is about providing you with clear options around how private or social you want to be. As a business we take measures to ensure that our technology, practices, and policies help ensure your privacy. We use AES-256 bit encryption in our data transmissions, and we are monitored by Verisign and Trust Guard. We are also very clear that you own anything you add on Snupps, and you can delete your data at any time, which will remove it from our servers. To ensure this happens smoothly we have set up transparent internal policies and procedures for the select members of our team who manage our systems.With the exception of a few trusted suppliers that we use to help run our service (listed in our Privacy Policy, we will never share your personal information. Find out even more by reading our Terms of Service.

What do you think of the privacy options on Snupps?

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