By Aimee WellsJuly 30, 2014
Choose who can see your stuff - Introducing the new protected profile feature

Share your stuff with a friend

I like to share my stuff with others, so I have a lot of public shelves. However, some of my family members don’t want the whole world to see their stuff, so they’ve turned the social features setting off.

But they find turning off social features a bit constraining. Just because they want to keep things secure, it doesn’t mean they don’t also want to share their stuff with certain people, like me.

Many of you have expressed the same concern, so we’re working on improvements that let you decide who can see your stuff. We’ll soon be replacing the social features switch in Settings with the Protect My Profile feature.

We’ll also be helping you share helpful item details with others. Many of our artists and fashionable folks on the platform have told us that they want to share their creations and finds. So the brand, model, author / creator, year made, and purchased from will be visible on all items on a public shelf. Or if your profile is protected, those details will be public only to the followers you approve.

Getting started with protected user

When protected profile is switched on in settings, people will have to request to follow you in order to see your public shelves, your followers and who you follow. Others can only see your name, profile picture and bio. As always, your private shelves can only be seen by you.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! To follow a protected user:

1) You send a follow request 2) They accept the request 3) You can now see their shared stuff

Let’s look at it step by step to see exactly how the protected profile feature works, using Bruno and Carolyn as an example.

1) Send a follow request

Bruno wants to follow Carolyn, but Carolyn’s profile is protected. So Bruno must send her a request by tapping on the “Follow” button. The button then changes to “Follow Requested” indicating that the request has been sent and is pending.

Protect Your Profile

2) Accept the request

Carolyn gets a notification letting her know that Bruno wants to follow her. When Carolyn taps the notification, she’s taken to Bruno’s profile where she gets to see Bruno’s public shelves and activity. Carolyn approves Bruno’s request using the check on the blue banner at the top of the screen. Or she can tap the ‘X’ to ignore the request.

Accept The Follow Request

3) You can now see their sharinged stuff

Once Carolyn has approved the request, Bruno gets a notification. He can now see all of Carolyn’s public shelves, followers, updates and more.

See their shared stuff

To enable this feature, just go to Account Settings and turn on ‘Protect My Profile.’

So that’s it: you’re ready to use the upcoming protected profile feature!

Now you can enjoy sharing your stuff with friends and family while maintaining your privacy.

You can read more about privacy in our blog post, Your privacy on Snupps and in our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

What do you think of the new protected profile feature?

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