Snupps helps you organize and socialize around the stuff you own and cherish

Our story

On vacation a few years ago, our family lost luggage containing our clothes, electronics and other personal accessories. We were not sure what was missing and I spent weeks sorting it out with the insurance company. At that moment, we wished we had convenient access to a secure repository of images and records detailing our family stuff. It was those initial frustrations that led Mac and I to launch a business.

We coined the name Snupps (it stands for Serial Number Universal Protection Protocol System) from that initial vision of tagging and flagging stolen items using identifiable serial numbers. We wanted an organizer that made adding and categorizing the things we own exceptionally easy and intuitive. I now use Snupps to organize my collectables, valuables, family heirlooms, household appliances, personal accessories, receipts, as well as the core documents that I frequently need to access. Mac, on the other hand, uses Snupps to socialize with others around the things that matter most to him.

Security and privacy are paramount to us. The principles around user data protection have been ingrained into the product we have built.

We hope you will find Snupps as useful to you as it has been to our family.

Sari & Mac

About Snupps

Snupps is a simple way to organize and socialize around the stuff you own and cherish, accessible for free from your iPhone, iPad and the web. Snupps makes organizing the stuff that matters to you quick and easy. You can take your stuff with you, anywhere you go.

Snupps is the one place for all your stuff, including your collections, keepsakes, gadgets, accessories, heirlooms, furnishings, stuff in storage and much more. Just take a picture, add some details and organize your stuff on virtual shelves. Keep them private or share with others.

Independent and privately held, Snupps is a U.S. company, headquartered in London.